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Lazy attention to detail and lack of choice

I was really enjoying this but was super bummed to run into the I guess bug where I did not bring the dagger the first OR the second time and then it was automatically there on the third. Seems like there's no way to get a good ending with that automatically happening

Great game! Wish you the best in your future endeavors! 

im having the same issue as previous commenters, never bringing the knife but still having it on me on the third visit. Other than that the game was really interesting!

This was a really great game! (Unseelie fae queens are for smooching~) though, something weird happened to me- I only bought the dagger with me once, though on the third time I was forced to? 

something weird happened to me

i did NOT bring the dagger the first OR second time but was forced to bring the dagger the third time. whats up with that?


It was real good boss~!

Queens are for smoochin'


I'm glad! Thank you for playing :D And heck yeah they are

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Nice game, I enjoyed it. Just two things: (potential spoilers)

Idk if I missed something, but it seems that if you bring the dagger the second time you automatically also bring it the third time

Also there's a prompt that says "but you'd be the first to admit that..." and I think you meant last

Thank you!

Bringing the dagger the second time does automatically bring it the third time! It's meant to reflect that by now, you're bringing it out of habit and you're not really thinking about the consequences. 

The usage of first to admit rather than last to admit is intentional, just as holding her closer to you is intentional ;D

But thank you for taking the time to bring them up!


Wow this really is my favourite twine I've ever read.  Thanks for this taste!

Wow that's a big compliment, thank you! The full version should be out in a day or two, so look out for that!