A love letter to those who are in the closet, and those without a community or support network.

WASD/Arrow keys to move around. Spacebar to opt in and out of content.

This game was made for Rainbow Jam 2018.


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ALightIsShiningThereMac.zip 23 MB
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:) I love the rainbow lamps scattered throughout the grey ones, and such a nice way of creating the narrative.

Thank you! I'm glad to hear that!

OMFG! I WISH i could finde someone like me. i love it!b idfk who made it put i love you peaple


I love this, especially how inclusive it is. 

I'm glad! I didn't want to make anyone feel that there isn't a community out there for them~


Thank you!

And thank you for playing!


a really cool game. awesome message, one that needs to be spread so much more x


Thank you so much <3