Brave a storm to get supplies for a injured stranger who cannot comprehend why you are helping them.

Space/Enter/Right Mouse Button progresses text. W/Up Arrow Key moves up. S/Down Arrow Key moves down.

This game was made for Rainbow Jam 2021

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsLGBT, LGBTQIA, Queer, rainbowjam21


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Very cute game, thank you


This was very nice.


This was a really lovely game! Simple but effective and comfortable. The conversations between the birds were really nice, and I was smiling at the end. : )


Lovely scene transitions. The art style and low frame rate animations are really great, especially the player bird.

The new obstacles are introduced at a good pace! I got hit in the face with a big branch the first time one popped up lol

Great work!

PS the background rain matching the itch background.. perfection

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This is an amazing game! A short story about finding yourself freedom. The controls aren't complicated and easy to use. I love the relationship between these birds and I hope they find their freedom together. There were no issues/bugs with the gameplay for me, so I would definitley recommend it to people out there. 

Thank you for the game!


Ahhh such kind words! Thank you! I hope they find their freedom together too