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Diàn Xīn (电心) Electric Heart is a Cyberpunk TTRPG about trying to survive in a world that doesn't want you to thrive, without losing your sense of self worth or your will to keep going.

This game can be played both with and without a Game Master. It is designed with 4-6 players in mind, including a Game Master, or 3-5 players without a Game Master.

To play all you need are six-sided dice and character sheets or a means to record information.

The pdf is 13 pages long.

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TagsCyberpunk, GM-Less, LGBT, LGBTQIA, poc-made, Queer, Tabletop, Tabletop role-playing game


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Hi there! I'm the creator of the tabletop rpg CBR+PNK and I'm planning a short cyber-themed bundle for Cyber Week (Nov 29th to Dec 3rd).

My aim is to collect about 20 products from around 15 creators in the tabletop gaming space. It would be awesome if you'd join this bundle with this game! Of course, I will totally understand if you are not interested. Let me know your thoughts on this :)


Diàn Xīn is a cyberpunk ttrpg with very poetic mechanics. The players have two stats; Electric which represents their usefulness and self-worth, and Heart which is associated with their morale and motivation to keep going. The higher one stat is, the lower the other would be. Just like real life, it is difficult to balance your self-worth and morale under capitalism. Over the course of the game, your stats get lowered when you fail dice rolls. The only way to regain them is to rest, but the problems you face are going to escalate, which seems to be a metaphor for spiralling debt. I love how the simple rules of this game evokes feelings of living in an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia.


Thank you for the lovely review!